Through the Years


The WOBN studios as the looked in 1963 in the basment of Cowan Hall

Otterbein University first offered radio courses to students in 1943 as part of its communication courses. WOBN first “signed” on March 5, 1948 and was transmitted solely to the Otterbein dorms through a dedicated line and went by the call letters WOBC and was under the control of the Otterbein speech department. The broadcasts came from the top of Towers Hall, which was known as the Administration Building then. Programing mainly consisted of poetry and religious services. When Cowan Hall opened in 1951, WOBC studios moved to the hall’s basement.  By ’51 WOBC had improved enough that they began sports broadcast. The first game carried over WOBC was a football game between Otterbein and Ohio Wesleyan on September 29, 1951 from the original Memorial Stadium with Bill Taylor and Jim Yost as the announcers. WOBC was shut down by the FCC in the early 1950’s for broadcasting with too much power. In 1958 Otterbein radio was reestablished with the help of Dr. Grissinger. The station was established on the FM band and got the call letters WOBN and broadcasted on the 91.5 frequency, making it one of the oldest continually ran FM stations in the state. In the early 1980’s the stations changed again to 105.7. The station also increased its power in 1982 with a 50% increase in its transmitting power. The stations could now be heard allthrough out Westerville and into Worthington and north Columbus.  In 1990 it became Soild Rock 101.5 . WOBN became a fully automated station in the mid 1990s and in 2007 moved its studios to its current location at 33 College View Road just off campus, west of Alum Creek. In 2008 WOBN switched to its current dial setting of 97.5 the Wildcard and first broadcasted on its current frequency on October 14.

Faculty Advisors
Dr. Jim Grissinger 1956-1983
John Buckles 1983-2003
Serena Smith 2004-2006
Dr. Janice Windborne 2006-present